Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Lil Ole Me is still around & "kicking"...

Hi Everyone!!

Yup, it's been a long long time but this post is to erase all doubts that anyone might have...
And yup, me still around and "kicking" although maybe a bit not-so-hard these days...

Many things have happened in this long absence...both good & bad...
Will update details when me am more free...ok?

For now, me was admitted to Low Guan Lye Specialist Hospital in Penang for a few days ie 3rd to 5th Oct, 2013.
Am back to normal as proven by a follow-up with the Doc last Saturday.

Me truly am thankful to God for all His blessings...
And thus, me happy for each & every day of Life He has given me....

Like often quoted..." Health is Wealth!"

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Never regret growing old....

Tue 11th Dec 2012

Yup, that's the latest good advice me found in one Facebook posting...
"Never regret growing old...
It's a privilege denied to many..."
How true that is...
Why do I say so?

Simply because me got news recently of the demise of my former school principal, Mr Yong Ain Tai. A kinda shock because we met him just a few months ago!
Moreover, me also heard of our former colleague and PK who suffered a stroke all alone in his home and was only found a few days sad...
And, it seems, he's still in a coma...
Our prayers for his speedy recovery...

Besides those, we have also lost our youngest auntie (Say Han Kor) just before my birthday and our eldest aunt "Tua Kor" not long after that. May both of them RIP....
Well, let's talk about nicer things...positive happenings.

For one, me have done further modifications to my ole "new" ride!
Yup, our "White Knight" now sports 2 long white LED DRL strips, each above a headlamp in front.
And yup, hopefully, my ride would now be clearly visible to all traffic and, by being so, hopefully, safer, too!

The mod me have done, is to spray paint matte black around the windows of all the doors of the car.
Only RM6.90, a roll of masking tape, time and lotsa sweat!!
Yup, it took me hours but the finished effect was well worth every drop of sweat!!
Now my "White Knight" is certainly different from others in the same that me can identify as my very own...

Incidentally, we went for a 3D2N stay @ our fav niece's place in Penang from 5/12/12. As always, it was a pleasant relaxing stay away from Lot 10 but time passed well.
But, like in a famous quotation, "There's no place like Home..."
Home Sweet Home...the place to be!
True, right?

And yup, another piece of welcomed news is simply this : our "Kay Pa" is giving us a special allowance of RM500 be credited into our accounts on this coming 17th Dec!!
Now, that's certainly the best news at this time...agreed? Haha!
Money may be said to be the "root of all evil" but it sure makes one's life more comfy, provides the means to get one's necessities in Life eg putting food on the table & clothes on our bodies, and of course, makes one's passage through Life a bit easier and with more security.

We thank God for His kind blessings & protection...

Well, me have already posted more than initially planned to do...just got into the flow and here we are...

Until me confirm again my continued existence in this world, here's wishing one and all a very Merry Christmas soon and, of course, a Happy New Year in 2013!!

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Just to make a tiny squeak....

Thu 25th Oct 2012

Yup, you may say it's a teeny weeny squeak...
However, it says out loud that me am not long gone but still around....

Many, many things have happened since my last ripple in here. Both good & bad.
Healthwise, me am ok.
Of course, there's the intermittent hints of impending Flu attacks. These passed without much fanfare.
Thanks to the Probiotics, Vit C & tabs & tabs of Esberitox that we swallowed!! Haha!

Can get by. No worries. Esp with a good "Kay Pa" still ever so generous to all pensioners!
Yup, we'll be getting another RM500 special allowance come this December! That means another RM1k for this ole couple. A blessing.

The bad news?
Our "Say Han Kor" is now @Peace. End of her suffering days...from Fri 19/10.
A peaceful end. May she Rest In Peace...

As for our ride, nothing to shout about now cos it's 1 & half years old now. Not new anymore.
However, in terms of distance travelled, it's still considered to be kinda new...less than 15k Km!
Most importantly, it's serving us pretty well. No complaints so far.
None of all those problems posted in car forums which needed warranty claims. Just 1 or 2 minor inconveniences but which me could rectify by simple DIY efforts.

Well, one more year has passed for this ole guy...
I thank God for this better year and all His blessings...however small!!
Like me read somewhere..."One who is Thankful is One who is Happy!"
How true.

Me will continue to be thankful for each new day of my Life...and so will continue to be Happy...

TQ very much for visiting my Blog and for reading this far!
TC always...

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

What one can do with idle hands...

Tue 290512

Yup, what can one do with one's idle hands?
And yup, one would be pretty surprised...because I was!!

As an example, this was what happened to my idle hands....
They did these...

Yup, it has been found that our car key cum alarm remote control, has an inherent problem. The alarm has been accidentally triggered off & on! The car has also been locked & unlocked without any intentions whatsoever!
And yup, that's a real nuisance, right? Kinda embarassing, too!

So, when this was voiced in the Saga car forum, it triggered the need to overcome this built-in nuisance in the simplest way possible...

Well, above pics tell of 2 attempts. The first mod was using the plastic packing of an old USB flash drive.

And the final pic shows a much simpler & just as effective mod...using a cut & punched 2.5mm thick piece of Insuflex (aircon) material. This was much easier to make considering that the material is soft and comes ready with a self-adhesive side...just stick it on!!

Looks not too bad, right?

Sincerely hoping now for no more of those so-called "accidental" mis-presses?

What can your idle hands do...?

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

A teeny-weeny update....

Tue May 22, 2012

Yup, a teeny-weeny post just so that me would not be thought of as "gone"(?)...hehe....

Frankly, Life has been mostly peaceful and calm...which is good, right?

We have all gone through Life As Is and it's been a hilly, winding and full of ups & downs. Nothing to complain about now that we look back.
I remember clearly one so-called "Tips on how to live Life happily..." which advised one that "if we were to throw our problems on a pile together with problems of other ppl, we would be very happy to take back our very own problems!!!"
How true that is...

Now onto nicer things...

1. Lot 10 celebrated Mother's Day on 13th May this year on a small simple but meaningful scale. Our daughter with her daughter came to share the day with us. Lunch was @KFC in Tesco while dinner was postponed so that these two ole folks could have their moment.
And we did....the next evening @Noodle Station in Tesco! Our "mother" had her wish granted!!

2. Me bought a couple of accessories for our not-so-new ride...a replacement (spare...just in case after hearing of all the thefts of such parts) 3rd party car radio antenna for only RM13.90 @Pacific Hyperstore and a hard-rubber wheel stopper (RM8.90) for safety when me do "things" under the car!

3. We had a 3D2N stay in our fav niece's place in Tanjung Bungah from 15 - 17th May. As always, it was a warm & friendly place to be. Both always felt truly welcomed during each visit. We went kinda empty-handed but we returned home "FULL"!!
Thanks a meg, Amy....for the generous gifts!!

4. Among the best things that had happened this time around is our "Kay Pa's" increase of our pension by 13%!!
It's truly unexpected....but to some, it was expected cos of the impending GE13!!
Anyway, it's a very welcomed increase to our "stagnant" income now with all the inflation & increasing cost of living.
As is, we are now just waiting for the arrears in payment of the difference in pension cos it was backdated to January 2012.
As have always been often quoted, "where to find such money?" True?

Ok...that was a longer post than planned....

Have a nice day! Take care of health always...

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Seems like ages....

Weds May 9, 2012

Yup, it seems like ages when me last posted in this Blog!!

Phew! How time flew... And yup, me still around! No worries...

Just that me nowadays am kinda getting lazier and lazier to sit in front of my ole PC to post. Even to browse!

Why? Simply because me have found it so much convenient and easier to do most of that with my ole reliable iPhone 3GS!!!

Anyway, to cut a long story short, life for me & my other half in our OFH ie Lot 10, has been kind routine but peaceful...
We thank God for that and His kind blessings on these 2 ole folks...Amen.

We just want to lead a simple peaceful happy life together in our golden years. Although it's kinda sad and even frustrating to have to go through all those rough times but somehow we now feel that it's been God's way of opening my eyes to what REALITY is all about.

Better to see now than later, right? 

Now to find peace till either one of us has to leave the other behind.

Have a great day and a just as great weekend ahead!!

ps. Sincerely hope to be able to post more the next time around.

Monday, April 2, 2012

The Recent Past?

Mon 02Apr2012

Yup, just to update re recent far as this ole memory pack could recall...

Firstly, our daughter made her first visit since CNY 2012...with her daughter, KL, last month on Mar 10...a weekend do. Came late Saturday & left for Penang (where she's located since end of 2011) the next day.
Well, it feels kinda good to be person...not just a in what the Chinese are doing this month, namely remembering those gone...

I remember telling my kids long long ago that it's always more worthwhile & sincere when one makes a living person happy rather than all those "acts" when one can no longer see the smile nor feel the happiness from that person!!

TQ, EL...esp for the "Stupid Bread"!!

On Thur 29 Mar, both inmates of Lot 10 made another trip to Penang. To spend value time with our fav niece. As always, we had a warm & pleasant 2D1N @Lot 45. We left after a special wonderful lunch treat by our fav niece @the Japanese Restaurant in Island Plaza...Edo Ichi.

TQ very much, Amy!!

Both also had our first trip on board a Penang Channel Ferry in more than a decade! And our "new" ride had its first trip in one!!

Wow! It's truly an invigorating & enjoyable 20+min ride!!

Why a ferry ride instead of the usual Penang Bridge drive across to the island? A long story...sorry...too long to narrate here.

Anyway, besides our stay in Penang, we also visited my other half's brother & family in BM as well as a walk-walk event in Sunway Carnival Mall in Prai. Lunch was @Food Court there. Delicious new dishes!

Happiness in its simplest yet most felt form...

Guess that's it for this time.

Hv a great new month!! Be happy and TC always, ok?